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I bought an Infinity, I’m glad I did. It’s a little on the heavy side but not bad. It’s loose… I like the way it rides and is easy to stay on while waiting for waves.

Question, will Infinity be making a Surftech version of this model. Since owning it I’ve depressed the deck & the grip on the front is starting to peel off. The front I can see it’s just tape. Clearly not a Jack Reeves, Alvin, or Clays glass job. I’ve been a backyard glasser for many years, I’ve played a lot with epoxies.

As a side note I went to Home Depot & got Rubber Mastic Tape 30″/$10.00 for wrapping the edge of the paddle (you don’t get a sticker though).

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Good to hear from you. Infinity has an 11′er from Surftech that I tried out in flat water. I saw a 10′er here



The one you have was a custom shape but should be similar. The grip on the front is the XM Surf stuff that you can get at Wet Feet or online.

A tip for the mastic tape is to stretch it out to 1/2 the width when applying. That way it’s not too thick. Also, I put a layer of electric tape over the mastic to stop the black marks on the rail of the board. Some guys and shops put the XM Surf stuff on the rails or helicopter tape but it may affect the performance if you have good feel for the board.


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