Q&A – Information About The Infinity Quad


jason wrote:
Evan, would you mind giving me some information about the Infinity Quad?

I have an opportunity to pick one up and was curious if you had any additional thoughts about the board beyond your review.

Specifically, of all the boards you’ve ridden, where would you put this one in the pack for a pure surfing board?

I’m basically your weight, a little taller and am looking at a 10′6 x 28 x 4 5/8

How’s the stability of the board. Seems the thicker tails he makes would add to stability.

The other board I am choosing between is a PSH 10′6 all arounder

Hi Jason,

I’m not sure on where you’re going to surf and the conditions so I can only give you my personal experience. As a pure surfing board, leaving out the paddle power, stability, etc this board worked well for me in smaller waves. Some of that may be due to the thicker tail not needing to be buried when turning. The board you mention is a custom board and a bit heavier than a molded one. The board is very stable Surftech just released a 10′ and 11′ molded Infinity SUP that you may want to check out. I’m waiting to demo the 10′er also. You can demo from Surftech direct on Oahu on the Diamond Head side of Queen St and Ward.


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