Q&A – Surftech Softop Surfboard as a Stand Up Paddle Board


I have a surftech 12ft softop surfboard. Is it suitable for use as a stand up paddleboard?

I never could get the knack for riding the waves w/ it. Its just kind of going to waste. Before I step up to an actual paddleboard I would like to give it a try on the softop I own. I am 6ft 1in 250lbs.

Many thanks,


I started out on a 12′ Surftech Munoz which is similar to your softop and could not stand for more than 2 seconds at first. You can try it as a stand up but at your weight you will probably sink it while standing and will just get frustrated. The width of the softop is 26.5″ wide while most 12′ stand up boards are at least 29″ wide…big difference in stability. The rails on your softop are round and bottom has lots of V which also makes it hard to stand on. If you weighed 170 lbs then maybe the softop will work or if your skills are really good you can do it. On the flip side, a number of people learned on a softop and when they got a board made for stand up surfing they progressed really fast.


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6 Responses to “Q&A – Surftech Softop Surfboard as a Stand Up Paddle Board”

  1. Austin 1Austin

    Hey im looking for a stand up paddle board I have done it about four times and i can get waves and turn on it but im not sure on board selection for size and shape and fin boxes i dont want to get a huge tanker board and not be able to turn and i dont want to get a super small board that is hard for me wat do you suggest

  2. Evan Leong 2evan

    That depends on a number of things.

    Where will you surf and in what size waves?

    What’s your weight, height, surf ability, etc?

    You should demo some boards and try them out to see what you like.

  3. austin 3austin

    im 5′6 115lbs i ride a short board at a high performance wave im pretty good i have two surf sponsors and i want to get more of a performance board and the wave size will vary

  4. austin 4austin

    i would also struggle on a board that has to much performance then ride a begginer board and master it to easy and want a more performance one

  5. Evan Leong 5evan

    At 5′6″ and 115 lbs you can probably ride a performance longboard as your standup. I’m not sure if there’s a production stand up board that would be too small for you currently. Surftech has a 10′ Takayama and maybe a 9′8″ which still may be too big for you. I know that C4 has some 9′ boards and even their polyester boards may work for you. The best is to go to Tropical Blends, Surftech or Wet Feet and demo some boards. http://www.standuppaddlesurf.net/retail-stores/

    One option for you is a Joe Blair 8′7″ http://www.standuppaddlesurf.net/2008/07/23/blair-8-7-stand-up-paddle-surfboards/. It’s been ridden a few times, in perfect shape and may be what you are looking for.

  6. Evan Leong 6evan

    Since you’re so light, a custom board may be more of what you’re looking for.

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