Surftech on Beautiful Lake Tahoe

Surftech on Beautiful Lake Tahoe

With all the focus on shorter stand up boards surfing gnarley waves it’s nice to see how stand ups are being used to explore nature. These are some pretty stunning shots of riders on Surftech stand up boards.

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4 Responses to “Surftech on Beautiful Lake Tahoe”

  1. Jamie Watson 1Jamie Watson

    Oh my gosh, this looks like heaven to me. I tried stand-up paddle boarding last July in Lahaina and loved it. I’d love to do it in Lake Tahoe this summer. Do you know of a good place to rent them there? Thanks!

  2. michael 2michael

    depending on where you are staying there is tahoe paddle and ore, and sunny side resort. there may be more thosr are the two i know of . also check out and two great paddle board community sites.
    michaek(mikieb) santa cruz calif

  3. rib eye 3rib eye

    the web site might not be up yet however if your looking for a good place to rent a paddle board in tahoe this summr, you sould come to the true north shore of tahoe to Adrift Tahoe located right in Incline Village NV. 919 Incline Way, #5, 89450. So if your looking for a fun, beautifull, scenic paddle come visist lake tahoe where this sport is getting bigger almost every day.

  4. Donelle Dansak 4Donelle Dansak

    I have never tried stand up paddling………….but I miss surfing alot, so I’m gona give it a try :)

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