Stand Up Paddle Sessions at Outdoor Retailer

C4 Waterman Announces:
“Learn to Stand Up Paddle” Sessions at Outdoor Retailer

Salt Lake, UTAH (August 5, 2008) – Here’s a chance to learn Stand Up Paddle from three of the world’s premier watermen, from Hawaii.
C4 Waterman founders Brian Keaulana and Todd Bradley, and noted shaper/surfer/journalist Dave Parmenter will be “on the water” tomorrow, August 6th, and Wednesday, August 7th, at the Outdoor Retailer event here in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The demo will be held at Pine View Reservoir on August 6th from 2-7 p.m., and on August 7th from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“We will be there with a large demo fleet, ready and willing to teach the spectrum, from beginning to advanced,” said Keaulana.

“Originally we brought back beach boy surfing… resurrected it from our childhood memories of the Waikiki beach boys in the ’50s, paddles and all.

“Today’s sport has evolved to surfing, touring, exercise or fitness, racing, even white-water river running. It has been a hot retail item as well at the more progressive retail outlets around the U.S. We love the sport and look forward to showing everyone just how fun it is, and what good business it can be.”

C4 Waterman is represented in the specialty trade sport business by Wenonah Canoe and by Boardworks Surf in the coastal community worldwide.

C4 Waterman products and programs will be featured at Outdoor Retailer:
Wenonah Booth
August 8-11, 2008

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