Surftech Blacktip Stand Up Board Tandem Video


Here’s a video of us having fun doing tandems on the Surftech Blacktip. The first segment is me and my brother Darin, then Kekoa and Teri, then me and Dominic. It’s pretty impressive that this board can float over 400 lbs and still move. Some pretty funny ‘falling-down’ moments in the video. 

(click thumbnail to launch video)

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2 Responses to “Surftech Blacktip Stand Up Board Tandem Video”

  1. Nate 1Nate


    Just got back from a vacation on Oahu. Since the waves were flat, I decided to try SUP one day at Waikiki. As I was paddling out in front of the Surf Boyz yellow umbrellas, some local named Joshua freaked out on me for not knowing what I was doing. Duh- I am learning. He threatned to hit me with his paddle unless I left immediately. I didn’t know Waikiki was so terroritrial. WTF. So much for learning to SUP in a chill spot.

    Thanks for reading my rant. Nate

  2. Evan Leong 2evan

    Bummer Nate. Waikiki has a lot of lessons and beginners but I haven’t experienced any anger like that so far…knock on wood.

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