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Local surfers were left awestruck this week when Hawaiian surfing legend Dave Parmenter made a long-awaited return to the resort since 1980s.

The pioneer waterman, who introduced stand up paddle boarding to the US, spent ten days in the resort paddle surfing some of the beaches he used to compete on during his long competitive career.

Local stand up paddle board champ Adam Zervas, who accompanied the legend during his visit, said: “Dave is a very respected surfer and board shaper and pioneer in the US in setting up paddle boarding.”

“He has always said he’d like to come back to Newquay and when he did he fell in love with the place having now seen the real Newquay and the amazing surf.

“He loved the whole surfing scene and the fact that people are so enthusiastic about the sport. He said he’d buy a home in Newquay if he’d won the lottery.”

Mr. Zervas said many local surfers, interested in the history and culture of the sport, recognized Dave.

He added” “He also took the time to talk to other surfers in the water, some of who recognized him.”

“He liked the fact that he could escape and find his own spot in the water, it’s something he misses in Hawaii because the waters are so over crowded and competitive.”

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