Nina Hedberg and Teiva Joyeux signs for Starboard SUP



Nina, the thirty-year Old Norwegian was only a teenager when she moved to Gran Canaria to become a professional windsurfer. After a few years on the tour she decided to take on kite boarding where she climbed up to the top quite rapidly due to her soulful style. In 1998 Nina moved to Maui to study political science, even though her biggest drive at the time was to explore one of the world’s most famous waves. Maui gave Nina not only a lifestyle where she could be in and around the water every day, but also showed her the way to her soul mate Teiva.


The thirty-two-year old Tahitian has been a professional surfer and Quiksilver sponsored since he was sixteen. With a quite impressive record of surfing, tow surfing, windsurfing and kiteboarding he seems to charge the waves wherever he goes. As for both of them, their lives have always been based around water. They seem to find their happiness when they are immersed in their passion, and have therefore naturally, maybe even unconsciously followed their dreams. Their professions today reaches over almost any water sport you can think of and they are constantly searching for the ultimate way of enjoying the waves. After Teiva’s first contact with SUP he was hooked, wether it is for cruising down the lagoon or catching waves at Teahupoo. Nina’s fire comes original from her long-boarding history, which she easily transferred in to Stand-Up Paddling in the waves. The couple is full of hidden talents even outside the water. Teiva is partly designing cloths for Quiksilver and Nina is currently recording a music album.

Starboard is very proud of welcoming Nina and Teiva Joyeux in to our team!

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