Interview with Starboard CEO Svein Rasmussen and Margareta Engström Part 1



My short trip to Thailand to check out the biggest windsurfing company, Starboard, was quite an experience. I was able to interview Starboard’s founder and 4-time windsurfing world champion, Svein Rasmussen. Svein talked about Starboard beginnings and how it has become what it is now. It’s pretty amazing how his “40-year-cycle” theory on board design has led him to make a crossover between windsurfing and stand paddle surfing. Svein is sitting next to Margareta Engstrom who runs marketing for Starboard and is also a professional windsurfer and avid SUP paddler.

Watch this clip to see more of this interview.

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2 Responses to “Interview with Starboard CEO Svein Rasmussen and Margareta Engström Part 1”

  1. linter 1linter

    Great interview. I’m a huge Starboard fan — they’re the only SUP boards I own (at the moment, haha) — so it’s nice to hear what the man at the top has to say. Don’t forget part two! And … did you have a look at that new surface that’s on the boards? If so, what’d you think of it?

  2. Evan Leong 2evan

    Linter – Thanks. Part 2 is coming. I haven’t seen the new surface that he’s talking about yet. I’ve tried their previous deck pad and thought it was pretty ingenious how they had a different surface texture for the standing area and the tail kick pad was built into the pad.

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