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I’ve been waiting for the Starboard K15 to come in and finally it’s here. This is the first K15 production of Starboard in the world. It’s 15’ x 30” and designed by Svein Rasmussen and Jim Drake. Thanks to Margareta Engstrom, Starboard’s Media Manager for making it possible. Starboard made this board for flat-water conditions. It can catch smaller, slower moving ocean swells but it’s primary use is for flat water.

(click thumbnail to launch video)

By looking at the nose, it looks like a boat-type. It’s a displacement type nose and what I really like about it is that it cuts through the water really nice.

starboard-k15-sup-board-76.jpg                 The bottom front part of the nose


starboard-k15-sup-board-74.jpg                       Front of the board, something like a displacement nose which slices through the water nicely.

It also has a break water piece which is made up of a foam-type material. This area is where the water comes up but flows right on to the sides instead of the water getting into the board itself.

starboard-k15-sup-board-71.jpg         K15 with the break water piece


starboard-k15-sup-board-79.jpg                 Close-up view of the break water area

Looking at the tail, it’s almost similar to that of a windsurfer’s. I find this helpful in catching small and slow moving swells. There are also mounts on it where you could put the brackets for the wheel attachments so you could turn the board over and easily wheel it.

 starboard-k15-sup-board-85.jpg            A chopped off tail

The K15 also comes with an approximately 10”-10.5” fin at the bottom part of the tail.

starboard-k15-sup-board-87.jpg                       The tail and a foil-type fin placed far back on the board

Notice the smooth and rounded rail that goes right to the bottom part of the board. It does not have any concave on it except on the deck.

starboard-k15-sup-board-73.jpg                    K15 board sideview – soft and smooth side & top edges with foam materials

Another interesting part of this board is that it’s roughly 29” inches wide, which gives some space on the cockpit area. The deck is dug out to almost 3”– 4” with EVA foam padding on the sides. Inside the cockpit area, are leash plugholes where you can mount things on it.

There are also holes in the middle part of the deck, to attach a middle kill fin at the bottom. I haven’t used that one yet but I will one of these days. There is also mast tack if you want to use this board for windsurfing. You can even attach other stuff and gears on the board by mounting it on the side holes.

starboard-k15-sup-board-81.jpg                       The mast tack where you can put a windsurfing mast on the K15 board.


starboard-k15-sup-board-70.jpg                       Side holes inside the scooped deck can be used to mount other accessories.

When the board gets water inside, the K15 should be no problem at all because there are 4 drain holes on the deck. I used it before and worked pretty good. The drain holes allow the water to come out at the bottom when you’re moving, and there are rubber inserts at the bottom that keeps the water from getting back in.

starboard-k15-sup-board-82.jpg                       A scooped out the deck and drain holes.

Turning the Starboard K15 board, I measured the fin to 10.5”. From the bottom, the board is pretty round. I still don’t have the rubber pieces that I need to cover the holes at the bottom of the board. Because when Starboard shipped it over, it has just gotten out of the factory, literally hot off the press. Call it charm, good looks or magical powers, Margareta Engstrom, has it all because she was able to get this 15’ board on the plane. She placed it in the board bag, which Starboard specifically designed for the K15.

starboard-k15-sup-board-64.jpg                     Round, smoothed out bottom

The K15 bottom is nice and everything smoothed out with soft and rounded rails, almost like a boat type hull. The kill piece that goes with the board can be attached either at the bottom part towards the tail or in the middle for more stability.

starboard-k15-sup-board-57.jpg               The Starboard K15 board bag

I’ve used this board once in conditions that I shouldn’t have, conditions where there were pretty decent sized ocean swells, as well as blazing high winds. This board is not made for that because it is designed for flat water, cruising and touring or catching some small slow swells.

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