Wet Feet Hawaii Party


Wet Feet Hawaii Party

Wet Feet Hawaii had a fun party to celebrate their expansion for their store…more proof that stand up is here to stay.  I’m not sure if it’s double the size but they took over the space next door and did a pretty quick build out.


Wet Feet Hawaii Party They had a nice spread of food.


Wet Feet Hawaii Party Live Hawaiian music in the background


Wet-Feet-Party-12.JPG Jimmy Lewis was there


Wet Feet Hawaii Party Here’s the Wet Feet crew


Wet Feet Hawaii Party Kainoa “The Hammer”


Wet-Feet-Party-15.JPG Morgan – The only woman finisher in Molokai SUP race 2008

This was a fun event and I got a chance to get a good interview with Jimmy Lewis and another from Kevin Seid from Everpaddle.

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