Wet Feet Hawaii Party


Wet Feet Hawaii Party

Wet Feet Hawaii had a fun party to celebrate their expansion for their store…more proof that stand up is here to stay. ย I’m not sure if it’s double the size but they took over the space next door and did a pretty quick build out.


Wet Feet Hawaii Party They had a nice spread of food.


Wet Feet Hawaii Party Live Hawaiian music in the background


Wet-Feet-Party-12.JPG Jimmy Lewis was there


Wet Feet Hawaii Party Here’s the Wet Feet crew


Wet Feet Hawaii Party Kainoa “The Hammer”


Wet-Feet-Party-15.JPG Morgan – The only woman finisher in Molokai SUP race 2008

This was a fun event and I got a chance to get a good interview with Jimmy Lewis and another from Kevin Seid from Everpaddle.

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