2010 Battle of the Paddle Hawaii Party at Quicksilver Waikiki



The day before the Hawaii Battle of the Paddle, George Kam and Quicksilver Hawaii hosted an awesome pre race party. The food was as good as it gets. Kimo Akaka from Joe Aloha Catering.

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2010-battle-of-the-paddle-hawaii-party-01 Jimmy Lewis

2010-battle-of-the-paddle-hawaii-party-02 Open Bar

2010-battle-of-the-paddle-hawaii-party-03 Bartender

2010-battle-of-the-paddle-hawaii-party-04 Head Chef Kimo Akaka from Joe Aloha

2010-battle-of-the-paddle-hawaii-party-05 Shave Ice and Ice Cream Station

2010-battle-of-the-paddle-hawaii-party-06 Mike Lum, his kids and Livio Menelau

2010-battle-of-the-paddle-hawaii-party-07 Jason Kauhane

2010-battle-of-the-paddle-hawaii-party-09 Food Crowd

2010-battle-of-the-paddle-hawaii-party-10 Bar Crowd

2010-battle-of-the-paddle-hawaii-party-11 Mark Raaphorst

2010-battle-of-the-paddle-hawaii-party-12 Chuck Patterson and Friend

2010-battle-of-the-paddle-hawaii-party-13 Randy Strome, Chantelle Strome and Rebecca

2010-battle-of-the-paddle-hawaii-party-14 Jason Kauhane and Dave Kalama

2010-battle-of-the-paddle-hawaii-party-15 Chuck Patterson and Friend

2010-battle-of-the-paddle-hawaii-party-16 Video Crew

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