Surftech Lahui Kai 12′6″ Jamie Mitchell Model SUP Racing Board



I was at Surftech’s Hawaii office on Queen Street and got some pics and video of the Jamie Mitchell Lahui Kai race SUP. Here are the specs below and a short video preview.

(click thumbnail to launch video)

Here are the specs taken from Surftech’s site:

LENGTH: 12′6″ 381 cm
NOSE: 9″ 22.86 cm
MID: 27″ 68.58 cm
TAIL: 11″ 27.94 cm
THICK: 6″ 15.24 cm
FINS: Futures

Lahui Kai’s 12′6″ Jamie Mitchell model is fast, stable, and light on the shoulders. This is a Battle of the Paddle 2009 winning board! A great board for racing or just cruising on a long paddle, it even performs well in the wind.

Special Features:
Easy carry handle, deck traction.

surftech-lahui-kai-12-6-jm-sup-racing-board-04 Thick, boxy rails

surftech-lahui-kai-12-6-jm-sup-racing-board-07 Canoe style nose

surftech-lahui-kai-12-6-jm-sup-racing-board-08 Recessed deck

surftech-lahui-kai-12-6-jm-sup-racing-board-15 Single fin

surftech-lahui-kai-12-6-jm-sup-racing-board-20 Double concave at the bottom

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5 Responses to “Surftech Lahui Kai 12′6″ Jamie Mitchell Model SUP Racing Board”

  1. Kevin Krohn 1Kevin Krohn

    The visionaries at Future Fins and Jamie Mitchell also just released the JM Race fin for future events like Baddle of the Paddle too!

  2. Ed 2Ed

    Evan, what’s the price of the JM 12′6″?

  3. SUP girl 3SUP girl

    Can you tell me the weight on this Lahui Kai 12′6″ Jamie Mitchell Model SUP board??

  4. Sand Sock Girl 4Sand Sock Girl

    Cool features! Can you post the price as well? I’m interested with this Lahui Kai 12′6″. Thanks!

  5. Evan Leong 5evan

    Sand Sock Girl – It’s $2071

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