Surftech Bark 12′6″ Competitor SUP Racing Board



Here’s a preview of the Bark 12′6″ race SUP but in the Surftech construction. Joe Bark gave a really thorough overview on this model a while back so I’ll try not to repeat everything he said.

(click thumbnail to launch video)

More info taken from Surftech’s site:

LENGTH: 12′6″ 381 cm
NOSE: 9.5″ 24.13 cm
MID: 29″ 73.66 cm
TAIL: 16.5″ 41.91 cm
THICK: 6.5″ 16.51 cm
FINS: Futures

JOE BARK teamed up with surf and paddle industry leader Surftech to produce a line of boards constructed utilizing their unrivaled Tuflite technology– the ultimate in performance and durability. Joe’s designs, coupled with Surftech’s advanced composite sandwich fabrication, yield boards that are not only light and durable, but are also proven performers.

Joe’s 12′6 answer to the needs of Hawaiians Slater trout, Candice Appleby and Aaron Napoleon when they were invited to race the Rainbow Sandals Battle of the Paddle. This specialized competition board has quickly become a favorite of among paddlers for all circumstances training and downwind runs. The displacement entry into a planing hull provides the efficiency needed for sprint paddling in all wind and water conditions.

surftech-bark-12-6-competitor-sup-racing-board-03 Wide square tail

surftech-bark-12-6-competitor-sup-racing-board-05 Recessed deck

surftech-bark-12-6-competitor-sup-racing-board-06 Thick, boxy rails

surftech-bark-12-6-competitor-sup-racing-board-09 Canoe-style nose

surftech-bark-12-6-competitor-sup-racing-board-13 Runs a single fin

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