Bark SUP and SIC SUP Race Board Comparison



I was cleaning out my storage area and decided to shoot this video to show the differences between a couple Bark Race SUP’s and SIC’s. The boards are very different. Since I already did individual posts on these boards, this video will just show them side by side.

(click thumbnail to launch video)


race-board-comparison-2 Left to right: S.I.C. F-18, S.I.C. F-14 and S.I.C. Fw-14

race-board-comparison-3 The Custom Bark 14′ and Surftech Bark Expedition 14′

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5 Responses to “Bark SUP and SIC SUP Race Board Comparison”

  1. Roberto 1Roberto

    I am on the market for a 14′ for this coming season and really like the F-14. Let me know if you ever consider selling it.


  2. Jeff 2Jeff

    Fun Stuff
    Thanks for the info.

  3. Sand Sock Girl 3Sand Sock Girl

    Cool stuff you got there huh. I am interested in stand up surfing. Kinda scared yet I wanna give a try! I wanna know, what weight range can the boards handle? what is the ratio of men to women involved in this sport?

  4. Evan Leong 4evan

    For the boards in the video…the FW-14 is a custom and will work best for people under 200 lbs. F-14 is best for people under 220 lbs. F-18 can handle a rider up to 240/250 lbs if they have good skill and balance. Bark 14 Expedition can handle up to 230/240 lbs or so. Bark 14 custom is best for those under 220 lbs. The customs can be altered for the rider’s weight.

    Not sure on the ratio of men to women but I see a lot of both out on the water.

  5. MarcS4R 5MarcS4R

    [..YouTube..] the bark dominator is the sexiest one of them :)

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