SUP at Puena Point with Kekoa



This is a session that I went to a while back with Kekoa at Puena Point. It’s supposed to be huge, about 12’-18’ Hawaiian scale but then it turned out to be 3’-5’ Hawaiian scale. I guess it picked up that afternoon but at that time that we were there, the conditions were really nice: no winds, glassy water but the waves were a little smaller. So I ended up taking pictures and video shots of Kekoa while he was surfing. Check out this video that I got.

(click thumbnail to launch video)


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  1. Pureadrenalin 1Pureadrenalin

    I was meaning to go out there and try this place. What is this wave compared to is it a far paddle to the break? Is it a steep type face and is it more fast pace wave or just a pushy mush type wave? Hows the crowd? Majority surfers or SUP?

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