Tropical Blends 12′6″ SUP Race Boards by Kyle Bernhardt



Master shaper Kyle Bernhardt gives us a quick overview of his 12′6″ stand up race boards offered through Tropical Blends Surf. Kyle goes over the basic difference between a displacement hull and planing hull and shows 3 of the models he had at the Hawaii Battle of the Paddle 2010. Check out the video below:

(click thumbnail to launch video)

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2 Responses to “Tropical Blends 12′6″ SUP Race Boards by Kyle Bernhardt”

  1. Fred Hyun 1Fred Hyun

    I’ve tried Kyle’s boards in the flats and most recently did Hi Kai with his 14′0. I was totally amazed at how well it glides and picks up bumps. It just goes! I’m not in the Elite Class of SUP racers, but I know what I like and Kyle’s boards are definitely special.

  2. Fred Hyun 2Fred Hyun

    Update: Going to hook up with Kyle, ordering a 14′0.

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