C4 Waterman Switchblade is Men’s Journal Approved



C4 Waterman’s Switchblade SUP stand up paddle board was recently featured at Men’s Journal magazine as the “Best Standup Paddleboard for Beginners”.

C4 Waterman Switchblade

C4 Waterman Switchblade

The lightest and sleekest we tested, this 12-foot-6-inch long-distance board, also known as a displacement-hull board,is very responsive and accelerates quickly with just a couple of strokes. Though not as fast as true race boards (which often cost $1,000 more), the 32-pound Switchblade is ideal for long-distance coastal cruising and recreational racing. At just 28 inches wide, with a small roll in the hull, it’s slightly less stable than other boards, but our testers adjusted quickly and enjoyed harnessing the extra speed to drop fellow paddlers. [$1,425; c4waterman.com]

Read the full article here: http://www.mensjournal.com/gear/sports/best-standup-paddleboards-for-beginners-c4-waterman-switchblade-20120824

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