2014 Molokai-2-Oahu Paddleboard World Championships


molokai-2-oahu-2014-004 Connor Baxter

Here are some photos from this year’s Molokai-2-Oahu Paddleboard World Championships. This year had lots of wind in the channel and was a week before Hurricane Iselle nailed the Big Island. A big congratulations to all the racers!

molokai-2-oahu-2014-003 Connor Baxter on his way to the finish line

molokai-2-oahu-2014-011 Connor Baxter with his sister Ashley

molokai-2-oahu-2014-015 Selfie with the ladies

molokai-2-oahu-2014-009 Runner-up Travis Grant

molokai-2-oahu-2014-010 Travis Grant and Connor Baxter

molokai-2-oahu-2014-016 Scott Gamble

molokai-2-oahu-2014-018 Kai Lenny

molokai-2-oahu-2014-020 Dave Kalama

molokai-2-oahu-2014-022 Riggs Napoleon

molokai-2-oahu-2014-023 Livio Menelau

molokai-2-oahu-2014-026 Kaeo Abbey

molokai-2-oahu-2014-027 Zane Schweitzer

molokai-2-oahu-2014-037 Andrew Logreco

molokai-2-oahu-2014-040 Mo Freitas

molokai-2-oahu-2014-046 Chuck Patterson

molokai-2-oahu-2014-069 Sonni Hönscheid

molokai-2-oahu-2014-073 Jenny Kalmbach

molokai-2-oahu-2014-074 Brian Szymanski

molokai-2-oahu-2014-080 Christian Bradley

molokai-2-oahu-2014-092 Ingo Rademacher

molokai-2-oahu-2014-114 Jeff Chang

molokai-2-oahu-2014-120 Talia Gangini-Decoite

molokai-2-oahu-2014-123 Scott McPhail

molokai-2-oahu-2014-125 Ed Wheeler

molokai-2-oahu-2014-136 Andrea Moller

molokai-2-oahu-2014-152 Bailey Rosen

[SinglePic not found] Ed Wheeler

molokai-2-oahu-2014-169 Chris, Mark Raaphorst, Ralf Stifford, and Ed Wheeler

molokai-2-oahu-2014-170 Anaé Anderson and Connor Baxter

molokai-2-oahu-2014-171 Livio Menelau and Mark Raaphorst

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