My SUP experience at Bung Taco Cable Park in Bangkok Thailand



Here’s the continuation of my Starboard SUP experience in Bangkok, Thailand. I was absolutely impressed with the R&D process at Starboard HQ. They can take any prototype on a test ride in the Bung (Lake) Taco cable park which is right next to the offices. I saw a couple of guys doing some test runs with cable wakeboarding /cable ski. With my Digital Hero 3 camera, I recorded Svein showing me how it was done. He made it look easy so I tried it after him. My first attempt- face plant! Nice try but the second one, I guess luck was with me this time, it was pretty smooth sailing. Check out the video for more of this cable skiing and windsurfing.


Lake-Taco-02.jpg View from the side of the lake showing a part of cable rig


Lake-Taco-03.jpg One of the Starboard guys testing a wakeboard


(click thumbnail to launch video)


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  1. Amara 1Amara

    Hey Evan
    Next time come down to Pattaya and come on an SUP tour with us…. great fun


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