Starboard Super 12-6 SUP Windsurf Board Video



The Super 12′6″ is a normal stand up board but it’s been rigged up so that it has a mast track that you can put a windsurf sail in the middle. It also has a retractable keel in the middle and all these different attachments. It’s really pretty cool.

The the first part of this video, which I thought was very impressive, is of Svein doing free style techniques on this windsurfer/stand up board in probably about 10-15 mph of wind. I don’t even know you could do those kind of things on a windsurfer much less on a stand up/windsurfer. That was pretty interesting to me and showed the skills that these guys actually have.

The second part is of Eric, going in very light winds. I believe it’s even under 10 mph. And it shows him getting up on a plain and actually riding it.

The video was shot in Pattaya, Thailand. The water was super warm. It was actually kinda brown, it doesn’t look the cleanest. But I didn’t get sick and it was a good experience.

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    [..YouTube..] at 2:33 what a beautiful light wind waterstart !

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