The Hammer and Robin Johnston SUP Surf at Cardiff Reef


Looks like The Hammer and Robin Johnston had some great SUP surf sessions at Cardiff Reef in San Diego, California a few weeks ago. It took freezing cold weather (for Hawaii people that’s anything under 70 degrees) to make The Hammer cover his muscles with a wetsuit. Thanks mother nature. lol.

This is the first video I remember seeing of Robin Johnston on a SUP and I’m impressed. Robin has a very smooth style to his surfing. It probably helps that he’s the shaper of the board but it’s still cool to watch. The Hammer pulls out his signature tail slide move no matter what break he’s in. Check out the video.

(click thumbnail to launch video)

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  1. MikeD 1MikeD

    That is some of the most progressive cool looking surfing I have seen on standup. Truly the future of StandUp shortboarding. Right on!

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