Update – My First SUP Experience in the Kaiwi Channel


Tommy Chorman from Freedom Riding Co. made this video of the SUP session in the Kaiwi Channel from a while back. I’m in the yellow long sleeve shirt and red hat and on the green F-15 SUP. Kainoa is also on the green F-15 and has no shirt. I think he may be allergic to shirts because I never see him wear one. Just kidding “Hammer”. He also told me to stop calling him “Hammer”.

Kekoa is in the red shirt driving the boat and Carlos has no shirt, a hat and is on the yellow SUP board. Tommy is at the very end swimming underwater.

There’s some good footage of Kainoa and Carlos paddling into some bumps and if you don’t see me catching any, it’s because I’m not. That’s because I got back on the boat after 20 or so minutes and he wanted to ride it. You’ll see in one of the shots that there are 2 black box shaped items on the front of the green board. Those are 2.5 lbs dive weights that I’ve been playing around with. More on that later.

The SUP race boards used that day was a C4 Waterman 14′ Vortice by Boardworks, Sandwich Isle Composite F-15 SUP racer and a Ted Spencer 14′ SUP. The paddles used were a C4 Waterman 8.5″ Pohaku stand up paddle, Werner Advantage SUP stand up paddle.

Check out the video:

(click thumbnail to launch video)

Read my original post about this SUP session here: Know Your Limits – My First Experience in the Kaiwi Channel

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    Update: Kainoa is now sponsored by Werner Paddles http://www.wernerpaddles.com. Check out his update on their blog. http://www.typepad.com/services/trackback/6a00e5519ea7d2883401156f5e552a970b

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