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Downwinders, Weight Loss and HIIT

When I started SUP surfing I ended up actually gaining weight. I went from 210 or so to about 218 lbs. My reasoning for that was that I was eating everything in sight and I sat down a lot during my sessions.  I also thought that since I was exercising, I could eat whatever I wanted.

Once I started doing downwinders I dropped 20 lbs in a very short period of time…I think a couple months or so. Along with the fact that downwinders are now super fun (after I figured it out) it’s also an incredible way to burn fat and lose weight.  I weighed myself yesterday and I was 193 lbs.  That’s 25 lbs less than I was last year before I started doing downwinders. Continue reading ‘Downwinders, Weight Loss and HIIT’

Surftech’s 8′11 Gerry Lopez Tuflite Model in Action at Pleasure Point


George Phiripes of Surftech, sent us these pictures of the new 8′11 Gerry Lopez Tuflite model while in action at Pleasure Point. This is just a preview at the new Gerry boards which are still in production but will soon be available during the summer… check out the other pictures to see more of this board.
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New F-14 S.I.C. Stand Up Paddle SUP Race Board


I’ve actually had this board for a few weeks now but this post took a while to finish. I got lucky with this F-14 SUP race board. I tried Ray Shiraishi’s custom F-14 (no rudder) during a downwind run a while back in pure epic conditions. The wind was over 20 mph and was very consistent. The swell was going in the right direction. It was at least waist high on the swell and there was a good amount of bumps and wind and it was a super fun downwinder.
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The Annual Santa Cruz Surf Kayak Festival

March 20 -22, will be the 25th Annual Paddle Surf competition held at the famous Steamer lane.

We are looking for SUP surf competitors who are interested in participating in a new category of the greatest paddle surf festival on earth. The Annual Santa Cruz Surf Kayak Festival is the largest paddle surf contest in the world.

There are 2 different SUP levels in which to participate 3 days surfing at middle peak or 2 days of surfing at indicators. Below is the entry form and application to sign up.

Time is running out March 8th is the final day to sign up. Come join the fun. Contest runs March 20 – 22.

NA KAMA KAI Ocean Awareness & Safety Clinic

NA KAMA KAI Ocean Awareness & Safety Clinic

Ages 2-18
on Sunday, March 08, 2009
One Hour Clinics
First clinic starts at 9:00 am and Last Clinic starts at 3:00 pm

To preregister email,
or for information contact Duane DeSoto at (808) 864-9164

My Thoughts on the C4 Sub-Vector – Liam Wilmott


I am 6′2″ and weigh 240 lbs. That’s about 119 kg. I recently tried to go skydiving and found that I had to pay extra for every pound over 200 lbs. Thankfully the Sub-vector holds no kind of pre-conditions for who gets to ride. So the first time I tried it, it was at 6 ft. Jocko’s super clean. I ran it with a 7″ middle and two 451 side fins from Future Fins (part of the Quad set up). I found it to paddle unreal and be very forgiving from rail to rail, especially when your trying to bring it back from the ‘tipping point’ or as all SUPers know as the ‘embarrassing point’.
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Reid Inouye’s Stand Up Paddle Magazine Vol. 1



I just got a copy of Reid Inouye’s Stand Up Paddle Magazine. Here’s a preview and hope you get a chance to check it out.

Ekolu Kalama Waterview at Sunset Beach


I took this video last year with Ekolu Kalama in the water at Sunset Beach. When I shot this, we were facing away from the surf breaks and were safe in the channel. I asked Ekolu to give some tips on how to move from bigger waves to smaller waves and how to stay safe in the water. He shared his first experience with big waves at 25’ Hawaiian style, not knowing what to do, still trying to get his act together in the water. Luckily, for him the water was not crowded which gave him the chance to experiment on his moves.
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