Da Hui 4th of July SUP Race


I’m planning to be at the Hui o He’e Nalu Paddleboard Race on Saturday. Hope to see you there!

For race details and entry form download the pdf here:
Hui O He’e Nalu Independence Day Paddleboard & Stand Up Paddle Race

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10 Responses to “Da Hui 4th of July SUP Race”

  1. Fred Hyun 1Fred Hyun

    Great race! Well coordinated. Lots of help and Aloha!

  2. Fred Hyun 2Fred Hyun

    Good Race!! Well coordinated w/ lots of help and Aloha. Much Mahalo! Will definitely do it again next year.

  3. Ray 3Ray

    Dido on good race but the lack of race tanks and the shortage of t-shirts bummed me out a little considering I pre-registered before the 29 June deadline and checked-in before 1030am.

  4. Ray 4Ray

    Evan: Got a question.. I think I’ve read that you have access to a lot of boards so what board did you choose for this race and why? Thanks

  5. Evan Leong 5evan

    Ray – I think it’s more like I’ve tried a lot of boards…maybe 50 so far w/ a dozen or so of those being race boards. For racing, I currently have a S.I.C. F-14 and a C4 Vortice XP. I also have a Starboard K15 but that’s more for cruising and flat water.

    I used the F-14 in the race. My brother wanted to use the Vortice XP. The weather called for good wind and swell so that’s why I chose the F-14. The-14 is really fast and fun in high wind and swell. From the results, most of the top finishers were on 17′6″ and up displacement type boards. These include S.I.C. F-18, Bark 18′ and Dennis Pang (looked like 17′6″ or 18″).

    If I had my choice and knew the exact conditions which were light winds w/ occasional gusts and very small swell, I would choose to ride an 18′ displacement board like the F-18 but I don’t have one yet and did not have access to one.

    In the last few days, I’ve gotten in a couple Hawaii Kai to Kaimana (8.5 miles) downwinders in decent wind and swell and have been really enjoying a friend’s older model F-18. I am getting a full displacement version at the end of July and will post up some info once I ride it.

  6. Ray 6Ray

    Da Hui SUP race was my very first downwinder ever. I’ve mainly paddled around Haleiwa and Pokai Bay, with the family or surfed and I was surprised how much I enjoyed the race and I am lookinf forward for the next one. I used my Tropical Blend 11′7″ Moku for the race. The Moku is good paddler and great in the surf but I struggled to trim the board and found myself walking the board to keep the nose from pearling.
    For similar downwinders like Da Hui, which 13′ under stock boards would you consider using? I kinda want to stay away from the open class boards because they’re too specialized IMHO and lack the utility I need for the family.

  7. Evan Leong 7evan

    Ray – That’s a tough question. I’m actually rewriting this answer. My personal race theory is to use whatever is going to make me the fastest, give the most performance and the most fun. I have no chance of winning so the class makes no difference to me.

    I can actually put my son on the front of my F-14 and use the steering pedal on small waves.

    If you insist on an under 13′ board, here are a few to try out bc it’s really personal preference.

    C4 Holoholo
    Tropical Blends Luana and Moku
    Surftech Laird 12′1″
    Starboard 12′6″
    S.I.C. 12′ Ku Nalu
    Joe Blair 12′6″

    Doug Lock from Wet Feet really likes the Jimmy Lewis 12′6″ and he’s really fast on it. Best time from Hawaii Kai buoy to Kaimana Beach was 1:03.

  8. Ray 8Ray

    Evan: I own a TB Luana and Moku but I’m searching for a faster board. Your theory makes perfect sense and has broadened my horizons – so to speak. I’ve been zeroing in on the C4 Holoholo, JL 12′6″, and the Naish 12′0 Glide but now I may throw in the C4 Vortice and the F-14 in to the mix and see how I like it. Mahalo!

  9. Evan Leong 9evan

    Ray – Cool…if you can demo them, let us know what you end up choosing.

  10. Ray 10Ray

    Sure will.

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