Gerry Lopez’s ultimate SUP quiver now available in stores


Santa Cruz, Ca. (August 10, 2009) – “Surfing is a deeply wonderful thing – anytime, anywhere and any way” – Gerry Lopez from his book “Surf is where you find it”.


Gerry’s deep relationship with the water is exceedingly evident in the smooth lines and subtle curves of each of his three new Surftech stand up paddleboards. “The 9’6” & 10’ Surf Music boards were designed specifically with wave riding in mind. Many SUP shapes lean more toward the paddling side but I have taken the liberty of assuming the customer has already learned his paddling/balance skills and is looking to maximize his surfing performance.” Said Gerry. “The 8’11” Lil Darlin’ is basically a scaled down version of the Surf Music series but with a quad fin set-up. I have found the quad fins to work very well in wave riding … looser, faster and just as positive.”

“The new boards turned out way better than I expected. I thought I made all of them for bigger guys than me but after riding them, I found …… I really like them. And I rode them in some very challenging surf in Hawaii at Popular’s, Number Three’s, Kaiser’s, Rockpile’s, Ala Moana Bowls, Old Man’s, Rice Bowls and Zero’s. This was a wide range of different types of waves and I liked the handling in the bigger waves, the speed, the lightness, the durability and just generally how well they all surfed. I particularly liked the 8′11″ quad and was surprised when some of my 200+ lbs. friends floated nicely on it and loved it as well. I think we have a nice trio of good surfing SUP boards for pretty much any range of conditions.” – Gerry Lopez


The much-anticipated release of Gerry’s three-board SUP quiver has finally arrived! Stop in to your local surf shop or stand up paddleboard dealer to check them out for yourself. And don’t be surprised if after stroking into your first wave on a Lopez Tuflite board, you find yourself soul arching off the bottom into a perfect crystal cavern and gliding effortlessly across the wave’s face and feel a little bit of Gerry with you as you glide over the shoulder and paddle back out for another one…

For more info contact: Duke Brouwer, Surftech Marketing Manager

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