C4 Waterman Ambassador/Rider racing 22 miles – flat water Oct 17 2009 for LIVESTRONG


This was sent to us via email by C4 Ambassador/Rider Chip Bock.


Tomorrow is the 3rd Annual 22 mile Causeway 2 Causeway Challenge in Cocoa, FL. This is my 3rd year competing in the C2C and I won the overall SUP Div last year. It is a brutal race due to it being flat water (no following swell etc) and is one of the longest annual flat water paddleboard races in the US.

More importantly I do this race each year to raise funds and awareness for LIVESTRONG and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

My sister has been battling Ovarian Cancer for over 11 years (she is the last survivor of the 14 women that were diagnosed with her at Mass General in Boston, MA).

In 2003 we lost my Mother In-Law Rita to Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (one year before my wife gave birth to Rita’s first grandchild; our daughter Gaya).

As some of you know, my “full time job” is as a manager for the surgical device division of Covidien. In the Fall of 2008 I was on site at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston for over 2 month’s managing a large evaluation. The surgical miracles I witnessed each day and the men, women and children we watched roll into surgery was beyond inspirational. They, like my family, LIVESTRONG every day.

To that, LIVESTRONG and LAF work very hard to make sure that the technology and research to fight and beat this horrible disease continues. They also help support the millions that are fighting, winning and soon may have to fight in the future.

Attached is a short video that I have been circulating to support what I am trying to do at the C2C. I am the only paddler that is racing for LIVESTRONG. I have no support boat…just me, the wind and the water for 22 miles.

(click thumbnail to launch video)

So many LIVESTRONG every day…all I can do is paddle…

My donation site for LIVESTRONG is: www.livestrong.org/grassroots2009/watermanforhope

If you can pass on this email, video and donation link to anyone you would like, that would be fantastic.

Thank you all again for the incredible support…


-Chip Bock

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