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This is an interview I did with Todd Bradley over at the new C4 Waterman HQ on Coral Street.  This video shows Todd explaining the difference between the original C4 9′3″ Sub Vector and the new 9′6″ and 10′ Sub Vectors.

Video 1:

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Video 2:

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C4 Waterman recently moved into their new office and warehouse on Coral Street.  They have a very cool sign designed and built by Hilton Alves.

c4-waterman-subvectors-02 C4 Waterman’s new headquarters

The new C4 Sub Vector 9′6″ has a more progressive rocker for steeper, juicier waves.  It’s also a bit thinner and narrower than the original 9′3″.

c4-waterman-subvectors-09 C4 Sub Vector 9′6″ (left) and 9′3″ (right)

The C4 Sub Vector 10′ is currently my favorite surfing SUP by C4.  It’s perfect for heavier guys like me around 200 lbs or more.

c4-waterman-subvectors-14 C4 Waterman Sub Vector 10′

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5 Responses to “C4 Waterman Sub Vector Comparison with Todd Bradley – Video”

  1. techustle 1techustle


    Looking at picking up a 9′3 subvector. I am a beginner SUP and surfer. I am about 200-210lbs. Do you think I would be able to cruise inside alamo’s and still be able to paddle out to pops from rockpiles? I am worried that the 9′3 does not offer distance paddling compared to some regular 10′6 to 11′0 stuff. Any advice on how the 9′3 paddles in terms of distance paddling?

    Mahalo in advance.

  2. Evan Leong 2evan

    Techhustle – At your weight, the 9′3″ should surf ok but glide won’t be it’s strong point. You may want to think about the 10′ SV. You should try before you buy if possible. I think C4’s new shop on Coral Street, next to Hank’s Haute Dogs has demos to try out. Ask for Todd, Greg or Dino and one of them should be able to help you out. Let them know I sent you.

  3. Ed 3Ed

    Surfed the 10′ C4 Sub-Vector at Chuns Reef Saturday in 8-15ft. faces. The board performed unreal!!! Took off late on a couple of big sets and it dropped in really smoothly. I was a little nervous at first with the big swell but quickly built up confidence with this board. The right board makes all the difference in the world in these larger waves and the Sub-Vector was up to the task. I am 6′2″, 225lbs., the board was very stable and paddled fast for me.

  4. CT 4CT

    I got to demo the 9-6 over the weekend and it was a perfect weekend to demo it with the south bump we had made for some perfect 2-4 footers on Sat, 1-3 on Sun and 1-2 on Monday morning. I ride a 9-3 SV just about everyday, big or small and I had my board since feb 09.

    Here are differences I noticed between the 9-3 and the 9-6 SV’s , more nose rocker, not sure about the tail rocker, nose is pulled in. 9-6 is not as stable as the 9-3, 9-6 pushes more water because of the increased rocker, you can feel the resistance when paddling, the 9-3 paddles easier into the waves.

    My overall opinion of the 9-6 SV
    I think it is for the more advance SUP surfers, you need a wave that has some juice in it for you to appreciate the details that the shaper put in to this board, I had a juicy overhead wave over the critical part of the reef and the board had speed and also handled nicely too, a little easy turning than the 9-3, it just flowed thru the critical section of the wave. I also tested out the nose rocker by taking a few late take offs going straight down and hitting the bottom turn and it handled great. I thought the board was a little on the heavy side, if they could make it lighter, I think that board could rip and the smaller waves too and be even more responsive. I used the fins that came on the board first, and it felt sluggish and stiff. Then I put on my controller quad set I use on my 9-3 and what a difference, the board just opened up. I noticed that the 9-6 has a smaller sweet spot than the 9-3 but is just as fast down the line. I am waiting for my chance to demo the 10-0 SV next, I will update after I try it out.

  5. chanceum949 5chanceum949

    [..YouTube..] Todd and Dave’s passion and knowledge is second to none!

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