SUPAH Downwind Clinic this Sunday – March 14


Stand Up Paddle Association of Hawaii (SUPAH)

A non-profit association has been started to promote distance paddle training. It’s called Stand Up Paddle Association of Hawaii – acronym SUPAH. To get started SUPAH will be conducting distance paddle instruction and training for novices through accomplished paddlers. Instructors signed up so far are Todd Bradley, Dave Parmenter, Scott Gamble, Aaron Napoleon, Rob Stehlik, Morgan Hoesterey, Doug Lock and Jeff Chang. Here’s the dates for the clinics, see photos on our blog:

2/20/10 Paddling Technique 1 and Ocean Safety
3/14/10 Paddling Technique 2
4/17/10 Kahala Run
5/29/10 Kaimana Run and Graduation Party

If you’re interested in downwinders or have been doing them for a while, this Sunday’s clinic will give you a head start. Clinics are scheduled on the Saturdays with no Kanaka Ikaika race. They will start at 7:30am and go for 2-3 hours. The format will include instruction and individual coaching along with the opportunity to try various race boards. Location will be at Maunalua Bay in Hawaii Kai. A flyer with details and pricing is available and Wet Feet. To sign up or for more information call Wet Feet our clinic support shop at 373-SURF.

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5 Responses to “SUPAH Downwind Clinic this Sunday – March 14”

  1. Jeff 1Jeff

    Thanks for posting this Evan. We have a couple more clinics after this one and will be doing a community service event on June 27. More information is at


  2. Evan Leong 2evan

    Jeff – I think your clinic is one of the best ways to start downwinders and SUP in general. I hope people take advantage of it.

  3. Weston 3Weston


    Just wondering whats the cost of this next clinic coming up on the 17th,also start time etc..


  4. Jeff 4Jeff

    Best thing to do is call the Wet Feet shop at 373-SURF to get the latest information and to sign up. We’ll be doing a downwind run from Hawaii Kai to Kahala this weekend the 17th.

  5. Weston 5Weston


    Thanks I will be calling Wet Feet tomorrow.

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