Canoe Basics and the Kamanu Composites Pueo OC1 with Luke Evslin



I visited Luke Evslin at the Kamanu Composites Factory in Kailua on Kapa’a Quarry Road to learn more about the Pueo OC-1 and the basics of the canoe. Being a newbie to OC-1, I wanted to get the basics from someone with experience before testing everything out. I know some of this may be very basic for those with experience but for the newbie crowd, this will be very helpful and informative. This is OC-1 101.


Canoe Basics and the Pueo OC1 Part 1

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Canoe Basics and the Pueo OC1 Part 2

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Canoe Tips from Luke Evslin

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The Pueo OC1 Hull Design

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canoe-basics-and-the-kamanu-composites-pueo-oc1-with-luke-evslin-00 Luke Evslin, co-founder of Kamanu Composites

canoe-basics-and-the-kamanu-composites-pueo-oc1-with-luke-evslin-05 Luke setting up the Pueo OC1


canoe-basics-and-the-kamanu-composites-pueo-oc1-with-luke-evslin-06 Parts of a canoe: on the left is the ama, right is the main boat and the black bars connecting them together are called iakos

On the Pueo OC1, the front iako connects to the boat and ama using snap pins:

canoe-basics-and-the-kamanu-composites-pueo-oc1-with-luke-evslin-25 Boat side

canoe-basics-and-the-kamanu-composites-pueo-oc1-with-luke-evslin-24 Ama side

The rear iako also connects to the boat using a snap pin but the ama side uses a screw lock for more adjustability:

canoe-basics-and-the-kamanu-composites-pueo-oc1-with-luke-evslin-10 Screw adjustment system on the rear of the ama


canoe-basics-and-the-kamanu-composites-pueo-oc1-with-luke-evslin-29 Rudder pedals and self-draining foot wells

canoe-basics-and-the-kamanu-composites-pueo-oc1-with-luke-evslin-08 The rudder

canoe-basics-and-the-kamanu-composites-pueo-oc1-with-luke-evslin-19 Plumb bow

canoe-basics-and-the-kamanu-composites-pueo-oc1-with-luke-evslin-32 Round bottom

canoe-basics-and-the-kamanu-composites-pueo-oc1-with-luke-evslin-01 Flock of Pueo OC-1’s just back from a race

canoe-basics-and-the-kamanu-composites-pueo-oc1-with-luke-evslin-02 Even saw a SIC F-14 there

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  1. onnopaddle 1onnopaddle

    Excellent, humble representation of your company Luke.

    Evan, not sure if anyone tells you but you are getting WAY faster and more precise on the camera.


  2. Evan Leong 2evan

    Thanks onno. Are you saying my camera is getting faster?

  3. Sand Sock Girl 3Sand Sock Girl

    Great stuff. You are really good at your craft. Keep it up!

  4. onnopaddle 4onnopaddle


    Not sure on equipment … Meant your hands. As Luke is describing, you are right there and on it. Thanks.


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