The S.I.C. Malana Outrigger Canoe



The Malana is a fast and lightweight three or four man outrigger paddling canoe built by S.I.C. in Maui, Hawaii. Its intended use is for downwind runs in open-ocean, distance along shoreline or simple recreational fun paddling. It has a high freeboard and will hold 4- 190 lbs. paddlers with ease.

Malana in Hawaiian means buoyant or lightweight. It is sleek, light, excels fast and tracks well, giving the steersman ample opportunity to paddle. Both Wa’a and Ama are constructed with a vacuum bagged process using high temperature cure epoxy. This process ensures high fiber ratio toughness with maximum weight savings. The seats are full composite (no wood rot) and gunnels are high density PVC foam.




Dimensions: 26′2″ X 16.75″

Price depends on construction lay-up.

ConstructionWeight Wa’aCost Complete
Glass lay-up100 Lbs.$8000
Hybrid glass and Carbon lay-up80 Lbs.$9000
Full Carbon lay-up65 Lbs.$10000

Extra add-on:

Innegra wear resistant bottom strip, add$300
Mast base for sailing canoe, add$500
Aluminum alloy Iako w. quick connect, add$800
Storage hatch each, add$125
Self-bailers each, add$150

Demos are available with a 3-week notice.
Colors and accessories are customer tailored.

For more info, contact S.I.C. at: or visit their shop at:

875 Haliimaile Road
Makawao, HI 96768
(808) 572-7728
Mon-Fri 8AM-4PM
Sat 8AM-12PM

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