Starboard Paddle For Hope New Zealand and Israel



Paddle For Hope

The Paddle for Hope is a big annual Stand Up Paddle board event in the Viaduct Harbour, NZ initiated by breast cancer survivor Karin Horen in 2011. Since then, with the help of Starboard NZ, they have raised almost $100,000 for the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation and literally turned the sea pink with a festival day of fun on and off the water.

Now the support has reached the shores of Israel and thanks to Starboard Distribution Partner, Freegull, and over 200 paddlers, 600 spectators, Paddle For Hope is spreading worldwide, while raising over $10,000.

You can find more information on Paddle For Hope Here: here: and here:

There is also a lot of great Event galleries and Aerial footage here:

In Water Gallery:

Ground Gallery

Air Gallery:

Air Video:

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