C4 Waterman Carbon Double Bend Outrigger Canoe Paddle



I recently got a new OC paddle from C4 waterman. It’s a double bend shaft, all-carbon outrigger paddle with a Tahitian style blade that Todd Bradley designed with George Cronstadt.

I’ve only used it for one-man paddling but you can probably also use it for 6-man paddling. I really like this paddle. It’s really light at only 16 to 18.5 oz (depending on length). The paddle has a great feel in the water and the dihedral in the back/spine helps keep the paddle blade straight. The double-bend is not really that dramatic, it’s more of a slight bend. But it does help me get a farther forward catch and it feels like it’s more powerful that a straight shafted paddle. The shaft has a matte type finish which adds a little grip and the handle is a palm grip although a bit smaller feeling that on the SUP paddles.

IMO, this is one of the best paddles that C4 makes.

c4-waterman-carbon-double-bend-oc-paddle-4 The double bend shaft

c4-waterman-carbon-double-bend-oc-paddle-5 Side view of the blade

c4-waterman-carbon-double-bend-oc-paddle-7 The handle

Here’s more info taken from C4 Waterman’s site:

Our lightest outrigger paddle. Only 18.5 oz. This is an all-carbon double bend shaft with our breakthrough 9.5″ blade.


  • Comfortable carbon palm grip handle
  • Light, strong, oval double bend carbon shaft
  • Beautiful 9.5-inch blade
  • Perfectly angled blade
  • Max length 56″
  • Weight 18.5 oz

Technical Specs

  • Oval carbon double-bend shaft
  • Wooden T-top
  • 9.5″ Carbon Blade angled for performance
  • Weighs 18.5 oz.

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2 Responses to “C4 Waterman Carbon Double Bend Outrigger Canoe Paddle”

  1. dave 1dave

    very much interested in buying doube bend outrigger paddle…how do i do it..live in massachusetts….

  2. Todd Bradley 2Todd Bradley

    Thanks Dave you can get them at our Web store
    C4waterman.com. These are really smooth paddles.
    You will need to specify the paddle length you want when you order. thanks for the interest in our products , aloha, Todd

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