Boardworks Hawaii Inventory Closeout Sale Starts Monday January 17, 2011


Blue Planet Surf Boardworks Hawaii

Just got this from Robert over at Blue Planet. If you want a new board by Boardworks, here’s your chance to get wholesale prices while they last:

Boardworks Inventory Closeout Sale:
Wholesale prices to the public at Blue Planet Surf Shops and participating dealers, while supplies last. For a price list of available models please click here:


We currently have a remaining inventory of over 200 Boardworks boards that we are closing out. To sell the remaining inventory quickly, we are offering the lowest prices ever, while supplies last: C4 Waterman models starting at $769, Paddle Surf Hawaii boards from $999, longboards, fishes and shortboards in TEC sandwich construction from $409.

For the most recent available stock and color lists, please visit:

scroll to the bottom of the page to find links to the updated spreadsheets.

shipping: We can ship boards to neighbor islands and to any major airport. We charge $50 for packaging the board and delivering it to Young Brothers or to an Air cargo carrier. Shipping fees are charged collect. Neighbor island shipping is about $40, air cargo depends on dimensions and can vary from $60 to $300 depending on the size of the board and destination.


Dear valued Boardworks customers,

Blue Planet Surf Gear has been acting as the Boardworks Surf distributor in Hawaii for more than 12 years. We were recently given notice by Boardworks Surf management that our distribution will end in February. It has been increasingly difficult for us to finance the large inventory required to satisfy Boardworks and the brands represented while trying to make a profit in the increasingly competitive surf/SUP production board market with thinning margins. So, although it was not by choice, we see this change as a positive opportunity that will open new doors for us. Working closely with the Hawaii surf shop owners and retail customers to bring products to market that we feel passionate about and enjoy using ourselves is very rewarding. We will continue serving the Hawaii market with innovative Blue Planet branded items, Aquaglide boards and some new products to be announced soon. Our motto: “We help people have more fun on the water”.

Thank you & Aloha,
Robert Stehlik
founder, Blue Planet Surf Gear, LLC

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  1. Robert 1Robert

    C4 Waterman has just bought out all our remaining stock of C4 boards, so we no longer have them at wholesale prices as of today, sorry.
    We do, however, still have some Paddle Surf Hawaii, Rusty and Boardworks SUP’s at wholesale prices to the public. We also have longboards, shortboards and fishes by Aipa, Stewart, Hynson, Kane Garden, Andrus and more.
    These are great deals -our lowest prices ever and won’t last long. If you are interested in a new board and live on Oahu, you should come by Blue Planet Surf Shop at 540 Ward Ave. to check out the deals. for details, visit

    Aloha, Robert

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