Everpaddle 14′ SUP Stand Up Paddle Race Board



Here’s a preview video of the new 14′ SUP race board from Everpaddle. I shot this during the Blue Planet Surf SUP Clinic and Demo Day held last Nov. 6, 2010. Kevin Seid, owner of Everpaddle, gives us a look into the design of his new race board.

(click thumbnail to launch video)

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5 Responses to “Everpaddle 14′ SUP Stand Up Paddle Race Board”

  1. Patrick Harmon 1Patrick Harmon

    Can you send me a brochure on the race ever paddle 14′ racing board. Pricing included and shipping.

  2. Kevin Seid 2Kevin Seid

    Hi Patrick,
    We have many types of 14′ raceboards – flatwater, downwinder, hybrids, customs, and also production models. We also have many custom options like carbon fiber, eco-blanks, airbrush colors, multi fins, plugs for our cargo net/bag and GoPro, etc. 14′ raceboards start at $1980. Shipping price depends on your location which we are happy to get you a quote. We decrease our carbon footprint and shipping costs to you by also producing boards in California to ship to mainland customers. Feel free to contact me through our website at everpaddle.com

  3. Patrick Harmon 3Patrick Harmon

    Hey Kevin,
    I would be using the board in more flatter water like lakes. Which board would be great for training and have great speed for attending a race? In other words the fastest board on the lake when I need it to be.

  4. Sand Sock Girl 4Sand Sock Girl

    Looks good! How many races have you been using this one?

  5. Kevin Seid 5Kevin Seid

    This particular race board was made for flatter water and smaller downwind bumps that are prevalent on the North Shore of Oahu. So it would be great for lakes due to the flatter nose and tail rocker, sharper displacement hull “V”, and narrower width outline in the bow side of board. It is a user-friendly design that suits people that are fairly athletic with decent balancing skills. I have raced on this board several times and a thicker version of this board has been successfully used in triathlons that incorporated Sup in the race. I think my rider got first or second place.

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