PA’A Toys for Tots Race



I did my first OC-1 race in December 2010 and had a blast. This was the Toys for Tots Race put on by Pa’a Hawaii. The race course was the normal Hawaii Kai run which started at Portlock by the bridge, out to the blinker buoy and then around the windsock and into Kaimana Beach. This is the same Hawaii Kai run we always do for downwinders so it was familiar and comfortable.

The conditions were great for the race. We had a good tide, bumps and wind. I was still nursing my shoulder a bit because of a recent rotator cuff injury but decided to race that morning when I heard the wind blowing through the trees at my house. I rode the Kamanu Composites Pueo which catches the smallest bumps with ease. I guess there’s no excuse for being slow that day! lol. All kidding aside, I had the best time I’ve had so far and with only around 10 downwind runs on an OC-1 I don’t think I could have done better.

Lunch was provided. Toys for Tots got support. We all had a great time! I’m looking forward to the next one.

paa-toys-for-tots-race-01 The Pueo I paddled

paa-toys-for-tots-race-02 Got my number

paa-toys-for-tots-race-03 Ready to race

paa-toys-for-tots-race-04 Registration tent

paa-toys-for-tots-race-05 Racers waiting

paa-toys-for-tots-race-06 Just before the pule

paa-toys-for-tots-race-07 Bobby

paa-toys-for-tots-race-08 Kea

paa-toys-for-tots-race-09 Pule

paa-toys-for-tots-race-11 SUP’s starting the race

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