Robert Stehlik Surfing the Blue Planet 10′6″ SUP Board



Blue Planet Surf just launched a signature line of SUP and surfboards. Here’s a few shots of Robert Stehlik SUP surfing the new Blue Planet 10′6″ SUP stand up paddle board at Turtle Bay. Waves that day were shoulder to overhead and it was fairly windy. The 10′6″ looked pretty stable and judging from Robert’s surfing, it turns pretty well for a wide board. I think most of these were sold already so check with Blue Planet to see when the next shipment arrives.






More pictures:

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  1. RobS 1RobS

    Thanks for taking and posting these great pictures, Evan!

    I’m surfing the Blue Planet 10′6″ x 31.5″ SUPer model in these pictures and although it’s designed to be wide and stable enough for beginners, it actually really fun in the waves.
    We are currently pretty much sold out of our Blue Planet bamboo veneer models but we will receive another shipment by the end of January.
    If you are interested in a certain model and color, you can reserve one of the boards with a $200 refundable deposit.

    You can find a list of the available models, colors and pricing, please at:

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