New 2012 C4 Waterman SUP Boards



In early February, I met up with C4 Waterman Ambassador Greg Pavao at their headquarters in Honolulu where he showed me some of their new SUP boards for 2012. Here’s a couple of videos with Greg explaining the features of their new stand up paddle board models. In the first video, Greg talks about the Mark Richards Pro Model, the SUBNine Micro-SUB and the SUBNine Forward-Vee Batwing SUP boards.

Part 1

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In this next video, Greg talks about the SUBNine Turbo Spud, the new production C4 SUB Vector 9′3″, the SUBNine Waterskate, the SUBNine Batwing and a couple of their SUP race boards, the C4 V1 and the C4 TGIF Pro.

Part 2

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new-2012-c4-waterman-sup-boards-02 The SUBNine Forward-Vee Batwing bottom view

new-2012-c4-waterman-sup-boards-04 Greg with the SUBNine Turbo Spud

new-2012-c4-waterman-sup-boards-05 C4 iSUP Inflatable SUP boards

new-2012-c4-waterman-sup-boards-07 C4 iSURF Inflatable SUP surfing boards

new-2012-c4-waterman-sup-boards-08 The C4 iSLED

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