S.I.C. Bullet 17′4″ Version 2 SUP Race Board



Here is the latest SUP race board from S.I.C., the Bullet 17′4″ version 2. Late in 2011 Mark told me he wasn’t expecting to improve the Bullet 17 much for 2012 but I guess he changed his mind. I found out from Ed Wheeler that there was a new Bullet in town and had to find out more. I caught up with Mark at the 2012 Quicksilver Waikiki Race and checked out the new board.

People ask me what changed between the v1 and v2. It seems like quite a bit of small changes that turned into a pretty significant improvement in performance. Looks like the width, rocker, volume distribution, nose, deck and more were changed. Scott Gamble has been paddling his fastest times on the new v2. He has an ultralight white color model and I saw it at the Wet Feet/Blue Planet race. Actually, I saw it at the finish line of the race because Scott was so far in front that I didn’t even see him during the race and I was on an OC1.

I’ve been riding the Bullet 14 v2 because I haven’t gotten a 17 v2 yet and notice the longer glide along with the ease of getting into bumps. I’ve heard similar things about the 17 v2.

Mark Raaphorst explains the new features of the board in the video below.

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I was nursing a back injury (non SUP related) so Mark was kind enough to give us a demo on how the board rides in flat water conditions.

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SUP surfer/racer Ed Wheeler also tried out the new Bullet 17′4″ V2 are here are his impressions.

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7 Responses to “S.I.C. Bullet 17′4″ Version 2 SUP Race Board”

  1. Thani 1Thani

    i want more information about SIC Bullet 17 spec,s and where to buy and the cost to ship to DUBAI the UAE

  2. Evan Leong 2evan

    Go to SIC website and contact Mark or Juls and they can get you the exact costs.

  3. Kimo 3Kimo

    I have to disagree with what you say is a “significant improvement” over the V1. The V2 does exhibit longer glide, and in some instances it’s easier to get onto bumps with the longer water line. However with the longer water line, increased width, and volume in the front. The board has more frictional surface, and if you dont have bumps to ride, the V2 pushes more water then the V1 does. In flat conditions the V2 feels slower then the V1 becasue of the width.

    the best feature of the 17′ V2 is the increased stability, and a slightly more responsive steering. The stability makes this board ideal for rough channel conditions, and the larger rolling swells are easier to navigate with the V2.

    It’s no secret as to why most guys have been switching back to the V1 after trying the V2. Even some of the SIC team riders find the V1 to be the prefered weapon of choice.

  4. Evan Leong 4evan

    Kimo – I think that’s why riders need to pick their board for specific conditions. I like the V2 way better on the Hawaii Kai run because it keeps its glide better and is easier to get into bumps. That being said, when the peaks are close together, the V2 tends to poke more into the front peak so it’s a bit more technical. I think that in the Molokai channel, if the wind is good and swell is large, that’s a course that the V1 is probably better on. For a recreational rider like myself, I want the most enjoyment which is why I prefer the V2 over the V1 on the Hawaii Kai run which is where I do 99% of my downwinders.

  5. Kimo 5Kimo

    I agree, I think all downwind board choices should be based on local conditions. But it’s hard to get that from your review. I own both in ultralight versions BTW

  6. Erlend 6Erlend


    I am considering 17 or 14 bullet with steering. The downwinders that I do most has about 18 miles of open water to build waves. It is not exposed to ocean swell. I want the 17 but I would like some comments if the board is too long for the type of conditions we have. Wind strength will be between 15-30 knots.

  7. Evan Leong 7evan

    Erlend – If the wind is at your back then the 17 should be ok as long as the peaks are not super close together. If the peaks of the bumps are far apart then the 17 will be awesome. I always get steering. Get the latest version 17 if you don’t have big bumps because it has less rocker and is more stable.

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