New SUP Design Tips from Joe Blair – Video


Joe Blair

I recently visited Joe Blair at his surf shack in Solana Beach, California. This was the first time I’ve been to his place and it was great because I took my boys and they got to learn a bit about surfboards and later paddled at Cardiff. In this video, Joe shares some of what’s new with his SUP surfboard designs.

He’s changed quite a bit in the last year which I can verify seems to be working for the better. The new 8′11″ surfs and paddles much better than the one he shaped me a few years back. The board also flew off my car while driving and didn’t crack. That was pretty amazing and even more amazing is that it didn’t hit any other cars.

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2 Responses to “New SUP Design Tips from Joe Blair – Video”

  1. Van 1Van

    I’m a bigger guy (6′1″ 235) and have struggled on SUPs for a couple of years. Great on the flatwater but sucky in the surf. Well, after trying some of Joe’s demos, I was sold. I’ve had my 10′4″ for about 2 weeks now and I can’t believe how much fun I’m having. Joe is a character but really know’s design. I would not hesitate to give my recomendation to every big guy out there.

  2. Curt Bowers 2Curt Bowers

    I spent a day down at Joe’s 3 weeks ago to try one of his SUP rentals,he let me try a PVC Board that was very durable and fun.He answered all my questions and really cares about what he sells and he wants you to have a blast with your board.I am going to buy my SUP this week and wanted to tell everyone before you commit to buying a board,call Joe first!

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