SIC Bullet 12′6″ is Awesome



It’s been a few years since I first got my version 1 SIC 12′6″. It was the first of the shape that would evolve the Bullet line and I loved it at first lift. I mean first lift because it’s lighter than most of the 10′6″ boards on the market at the time. That’s a big difference because when I look at what to ride from the quiver a lot of time it’s based on what’s easiest to carry for the day. This board was the first one to have the full grip recessed handle and optional locking rudder. The best thing about the SIC Bullet is that it surfs small waves unbelievably well. You can can everything from a small non breaking bump to a chest high wave. Then take it for a distance paddle and race it in and out of the surf or downwind. I’m mentioning this because I’ve been spending a lot of my SUP sessions on this board and it’s still rocking even after a few years.




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