Board Meeting Episode 8: Fin Setups for SUP Surfing



Welcome to another episode of Board Meeting. In this episode, Robert and I will talk about the different types of fin setups for SUP stand up paddle surfing.

Fin setup is often an overlooked aspect of a stand up paddle board. A simple change in your board’s fin configuration can make it behave and perform like a totally new SUP board. In the video, we discuss some of the common SUP surfing fin setups you can try on your board:


board-meeting-episode-8-fin-setups-for-sup-surfing-03 Thruster Fin Setup

board-meeting-episode-8-fin-setups-for-sup-surfing-07 Quad Fin Setup

board-meeting-episode-8-fin-setups-for-sup-surfing-11 5-Fin Setup

board-meeting-episode-8-fin-setups-for-sup-surfing-15 2+1 Fin Setup

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More photos:

Please stay tuned to Board Meeting, our new SUP show where we talk about all things stand up paddle surfing and racing.

This show is presented by Evan from and Robert from Blue Planet Surf Hawaii.

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