Board Meeting Episode 9: Gore-Tex Vent Plugs



Welcome to another episode of Board Meeting. In this episode, Robert and I will talk about Gore-Tex vent plugs for SUP stand up paddle boards. Vent plugs are installed on SUP boards as a way to help prevent the separation of the fiberglass or epoxy layer from the foam core, also known as delamination.

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You can order the Gore-Tex vent plug shown in the video from Blue Planet Surf Hawaii:

This show is presented by Evan from and Robert from Blue Planet Surf Hawaii.

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2 Responses to “Board Meeting Episode 9: Gore-Tex Vent Plugs”

  1. Matt James 1Matt James

    To whom it may concern,

    Please let me know if your gortex vent screws can also be used on a SIC Bullet V2? Reason I ask is because the cap on my current vent screw snapped + given the design (cavity under the cap) it bubbles when you pour water in the vent screw hole so by looks of things, the gortex vent screw Blue Plant manufacture seems to be more robust.


    Matt James

  2. Rob Stehlik 2Rob Stehlik

    Hi Matt,
    Sorry, SIC is one of the few brands that uses vent screws with a different thread, so the vent screws that we offer on our website at the link above won’t work for your Bullet V2. It’s best to contact SIC directly for a replacement, sounds like your membrane is compromised and needs to be replaced.
    Robert Stehlik

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