Infinity Surf Shop – Dana Point, California – An adult candy store for stand up paddlers


Infinity Surf Store

I got a chance to visit the Infinity Surf Shop in Dana Point, California last week. I was excited because I had been there once before in 2000. That’s when I was into surf kayaks and Steve Boehne makes a really cool sit on top wave ski.
I actually went surfing with Steve and his crew at San Onofre, California during that visit and absolutely froze my butt off. This visit was different. It was mainly to see what he had for his line of Ku Ku Hoe stand up paddle boards and paddles.

I shot a short video so you can see what they had in the store. I was there for about an hour and every person I noticed come in the store was looking at the stand up paddle boards. I didn’t see anyone browsing the regular surfboards and I think a couple Infinity stand up boards were sold during my visit.

Check out the video I shot at Infinity Surf:

(click thumbnail to launch video)

Here are some pictures:

icon for podpress  Infinity Surf Shop - Dana Point, California - An adult candy store for stand up paddlers [3:02m]: Download
icon for podpress  Infinity Surf Shop - Dana Point, California - An adult candy store for stand up paddlers [3:03m]: Download

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10 Responses to “Infinity Surf Shop – Dana Point, California – An adult candy store for stand up paddlers”

  1. linter 1linter

    nice report. did you happen to meet steve and barrie? they’re great people. i don’t have one of steve’s sups but i have bought waveskis from him over the years and he makes one helluva waveski. i bet his sups are just the same.

  2. Evan Leong 2evan

    Linter – I met Barrie only for a brief moment but had a great time w/ Steve. I’ve ridden his wave skis and they’re super fun and responsive. He’s shaping me a 10′ custom stand up paddle board now so I’ll do some reviews and posts on it once I get it.

  3. DW 3DW

    Is a Ron House report coming too? Do you order one of his boards too? :-)

    This is addicting.

  4. Evan Leong 4evan

    DW – Yup…I also visited Ron House and Joe Blair while in California. I didn’t order a Ron House yet. I gotta keep my habit under control. I have ridden 2 Ron House boards before. I have the Surftech Laird which I think people are familiar with and I also rode a Ron House custom board from Tropical Blends Surf Hawaii. My friend bought the custom so I snagged it for a few sessions.

    The custom really opened my eyes to the difference btw custom and pop out. It’s heavy…maybe 30 or 40 lbs. That’s a pain to carry to the water but in the water it glides like it’s on ice. It is fast. It has a really surfy shape with a pulled in nose and tail, very long board gunny shaped. It’s also only 27.5″ or so wide so it is tippy for its size but is surfs really well. I just prefer if the board is going to be a little tippy to have it shorter so I can surf it better.

  5. Jacqueline 5Jacqueline

    I am inquiring as to how to get stand-up paddling started here in Barrie. Is it here in Barrie??

    How could we access this awesome sport?


  6. surfkicker 6surfkicker

    [..YouTube..] My surf spot

  7. thenjmproductions 7thenjmproductions

    [..YouTube..] @surfkicker you are so lucky I would love to serve when I am in a beach area, I have to skateboard because I live in New York andd don’t get a lot of time to surf

  8. surfkicker 8surfkicker

    [..YouTube..] @thenjmproductions Sorry dude. I know how you feel. I live in the middle of the us I only get to go there for the summer.

  9. thenjmproductions 9thenjmproductions

    [..YouTube..] @surfkicker yeah man it suks lol i am going to learn this summer though I am trying it in florida

  10. timm 10timm

    I guess my experience was a bit different that the others in this review. I ordered a 19′ custom SUP for racing. I spent a lot of time talking with Steve Boehne over the phone and email about what I was looking for. He told me it would be no problem to design and shape a board for me. It took around 8 weeks to get it and with much anticipation and excitement I opened the well packaged board only to find the glassing a paint job to be completely subpar. It looked as if someone dragged it across a sandpaper floor and then simply painted over it. The shape and lines were perfect but the construction and quality was not worth the several thousands I spent on it. When I confronted he made several excuses on the quality. In his own words “YES, THERE ARE SEVERAL FLAWS IN THE FINISH. THIS IS MOSTLY BECAUSE THE BOARD IS SO LARGE THAT IT DOESN’T FIT INTO OUR GLASS SHOP. I USE THREE DIFFERANT GLASS SHOPS TO GLASS OUR RACE BOARDS. THE ONES THAT DO THE BEST QUALITY CANNOT GLASS A BOARD THAT LONG. IT JUST DOESN’T FIT INTO THEIR GLASSING ROOMS. YOUR BOARD DID NOT FIT INTO THE PAINTING ROOM, SO IT HAD TO BE PAINTED IN THE SANDING ROOM.



    Why offer a product you do not have to facilities to produce in the same quality and standards as the rest of your fleet. The fact he knowingly and admittedly could not do this is completely unprofessional. This should have been made known to me BEFORE i put the deposit down for the board. Just be careful with your decision to go with steve and his company. Caveat emptor.

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