Surftech Pearson Laird 14′ “The Coast Runner” SUP Board



Fresh from the box, here’s another SUP board from Surftech’s latest offering, the Pearson Laird 14′ “Coast Runner” shaped by Bob Pearson. Watch the video and check out the photos to see more of this board.

(click thumbnail to launch video)

More of Pearson Laird 14′ “Coast Runner”

surftech-pearson-laird-14-sup-board-04.jpg                                all wrapped-up

surftech-pearson-laird-14-sup-board-08.jpg                                Tuflite technology

surftech-pearson-laird-14-sup-board-19.jpg                                with smooth round rails

surftech-pearson-laird-14-sup-board-20.jpg                                paddle-board like pin tail

surftech-pearson-laird-14-sup-board-18.jpg                                screw mounts for the gadgets

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  1. DW 1DW

    Oops, private video again

  2.  2admin

    DW, sorry about that. Video is working now.

  3. keith 3keith

    Whussup, Had a question regarding shape under the nose, was it a v or concave or flat?

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