Jimmy Lewis Distance Stand Up Paddle Board


I finally got a chance to try the Jimmy Lewis 12′6″ stand up board on a downwind run. It was actually by chance. My buddy Kekoa and I took out the C4 Waterman Vortice 14′ and Holoholo 12′ from Wailupe to Kaimana Beach. The wind was perfect side shore and aligned nicely with the swells. Once we came to Black Point I noticed out of the corner of my eye some stand up paddlers way out on the horizon. They were blazing.

Turns out the guys were Doug Lock on his SIC 18 or 19′er and Kainoa Beapree on the Jimmy Lewis 12′6″ distance stand up board. They were way outside in the blue water but I got Kainoa’s attention and he paddled over to us. His other buddy was on a F-16. I got a chance to try the Jimmy for about 15 min and Kekoa got a chance to try it for around the same amount of time. The board seems like a great distance cruiser. It’s wide enough to be stable, almost like my Angulo 11′9″ although it’s faster and seems to catch ocean swells better.

Kekoa is a beginning stand up surfer but experienced on a longboard. He loved the Jimmy. He would have kept riding it if Kainoa didn’t want it back. We need to do a full run on it to get a full idea but so far it’s the best Jimmy I’ve ridden.

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