First Time SUP Stand Up – Carissa and Tishya at Ala Moana


Here’s a video of Carissa and Tishya trying out stand up paddle surfing at Ala Moana.  Carissa is Kekoa’s sister and Tishya is my sister.  They are both non water people and were just visiting from Los Angeles.  

While we were paddling around in the inside area of Ala Moana Beach Park we passed by 2 other girls on sups.  They kept looking at us and then asked me, “Hey, are you Reid Inouye?” 

I replied, “No, Reid is better looking…but older…”

Then they said, “Well, who are you and what are you doing then?”

I said, “I’m Evan and I’m just paddling around with my sister and friend.”

They thought I was giving a lesson and since Reid is always giving lessons at Ala Moana they got us mistaken.  I guess you had to be there.  We all got a good laugh.


(click thumbnail to launch video)

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