Jimmy Lewis SUP Stand Up Boards Interview- Video part 2



Here’s part 2 of the video I shot at the Wet Feet expansion party. He goes a little more into his line of SUP boards and how his experience with windsurfing, kiteboards and surfboards influence his designs. Jimmy actually doesn’t ride some of the shapes before he sends them off to get molded. I questioned why he doesn’t ride his race board and he said that the best tow-in surfboard shapers don’t tow-in but can make great boards. I’ve found that the SUP shapers that SUP a lot seem to normally be on the leading edge in design but it’s an interesting perspective. Watch this video to see what Jimmy Lewis has to say about his SUP’s.


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  1. mlimpenny 1mlimpenny

    [..YouTube..] Jimmy has unreal talent for shaping. His boards are magic. I agree with him; if it looks right it will ride right. It is weird how wisdom and intuition can work better than science sometimes.

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