Ekolu Kalama’s Starboard 9-0 Superfish SUP Board



I filmed 2 separate videos with Ekolu Kalama showing me his Starboard 9’0”x30” Superfish SUP board. The first video is a short one shot in the parking area of Sunset Beach. He rode this board as a quad that session. Ekolu’s been riding the 9’0” Starboard Superfish especially when he’s out in the water catching waves be it Teahupoo or Pipeline. Watch this short clip as Ekolu gets ready for a session at Sunset Beach, Hawaii.

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sb_9_0_superfish_ekolu_02     Ekolu Kalama and his Starboard 9′0″ Superfish SUP board

Here’s the other video I took of Ekolu with his Starboard 9’0”x30” Superfish. I shot this one in his friend’s yard. Ekolu describes the 9′0″ Superfish as stable and maneuverable for a short board, allowing for easy turns. Even with the full nose of this board, it did not give him trouble either when he tried it at Pipeline. He uses the 9′0″ when he wants to catch waves but for the other things he loves doing like fishing, paddling in flat water, downwinders, he still goes for bigger boards like the 11’2” or the 12’6”.

Check out this video and hear more from Ekolu.

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9 Responses to “Ekolu Kalama’s Starboard 9-0 Superfish SUP Board”

  1. Srfnff 1Srfnff


    I can’t access the vid, it says it’s private.

  2.  2admin

    Hi, video link has been fixed.

  3. Srfnff 3Srfnff

    Cool, I could access the vid this time. Interesting stuff, I like how Ekolu is pretty direct about what he thinks, even though he’s sponsored by Starboard. I rode a 9′8″ Starboard swallowtail and was surprised by how loose it was, even at 30″ wide, and I’m not a bigger guy like Ekolu. Yeah, bigger board for smaller waves, smaller board for bigger waves…haven’t heard that yet, but it makes sense.

    The Puerto shots were interesting in that you’ve got a world class surfer/SUP surfer working hard on insanely fast and steep barrels and still having a hard time keeping the board moving fast enough, and locked in, in the water. One of the big disadvantages of SUP that has not been designed into the boards yet is keeping them flat and trimming (a lot of what I call “board flapping” going on) in steep, hollow speed sections. The necessary thickness and rail configuration that goes with SUP is opposed to making them fast enough for those kind of waves imho.

    As always Evan, good, cutting edge stories and interviews. Mahalo.

  4. val 4val

    any vid of him surfing it?

  5. Evan Leong 5evan

    Srfnff – Ekolu is a very straight forward guy. He basically tells it like he sees it. He was just ripping at Sunset and I was concentrating on not getting sucked into the break while shooting video. Thanks!

    Val – I shot some video at Sunset and we’ll post it soon. I’m not sure what board Ekolu is riding here but we’ll check http://www.standuppaddlesurf.net/2009/02/08/ekolu-kalama-sup-stand-up-paddle-surfs-in-huge-puerto-escondido-barrels/

  6. Ekolu 6Ekolu

    Yeah, I do tell it like I see it and it gets me into trouble often. That’s why I left my steady job at the fire station, because I was at the bottom of the totem pole and couldn’t tell it like I saw it. It frustrated me but my frustration is what made me grow some balls and pursue what I felt was my place in life, surfing and music. It took two years to pursue surfing and I finally made it. My first CD should be released this year. It just goes to show that nobody knows what the voice in your head is telling you except you!

    The barrels in Puerto Escondido aren’t spacious like Teahupoo so having a flat bottom board does make it difficult in the barrel. There’s always a sacrifice; stability, performance, paddling speed, etc. It’s difficult to have a board that does it all but as your skills improve, you’ll be able to ride less stable boards with more performance and barrel ride what others think isn’t a barrel riding board.

    The main thing is showing Aloha when you stand-up paddle surf. This means knowing your limits and not surfing where you don’t belong, and knowing when you’ve had your share of waves. Evan and I had Sunset to ourselves that morning but within an hour, 20-30 guys were out there. I got 4 or 5 big set waves and that was enough for me. Sunset isn’t my spot and I want to be able to go back. Letting all the uncles who surf there everyday catch the good ones, gives me a free ticket to come back.

    On another note, Evan is the man! He took me to breakfast, drove me to the airport to pick up my wife, and then drove us to Lanikai because my cousin flaked on dropping off a car to me. This is public appreciation….thanks Evan!

  7. Evan Leong 7evan

    Ekolu – Thanks for you insight and making me catch some of those Sunset waves even though I was sweating bullets. lol. My pleasure spending time with you. I know when I finally make it to Molokai I’ll have a friend to hang out with.

    On a side note, I do have the video of you surfing that day but have been a bit delayed on getting it posted. It will be this month so sorry for the delay.

  8. oliverwax 8oliverwax

    [..YouTube..] That board is the stinger model not superfish. superfish is 9′8.

  9. wecliquetoo 9wecliquetoo

    [..YouTube..] From Molokai High, to Pepperdine University..congrats Ekolu!

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