F-14 and F-16 version 2 Available at Tropical Blends Surf



Jim at Tropical Blends Surf (phone: 808-593-0211) ordered three molded, hollow carbon F-14’s and one F-16 version 2 a couple months ago. The first one arrives next week but was already prepaid. So was the second F-14. That leaves one F-14 and one F-16 up for grabs. I think the F-16 won’t be here until after June or so but the last available F-14 should be here in May. If you’re on Oahu, this is a good opportunity to shorten your wait time (Mark’s wait time is around 3 months and we’re going into summer race season).  I just thought I’d mention this because a number of people have been asking how they can get an F-14 on Oahu.

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  1. randy 1randy

    I got the first one Evan. The lines on that board are beautiful. Mark Raaphorst has got to be hands down leading the charge in the downwind arena. He goes beyond the technical into the realm of art. Something defintely to be admired. I spoke to him a couple of weeks back and was very approachable and knowledgable. No wonder he continues to grow and progress his craft. Not a used car salesman at all. He just wants to get you on something you’d be stoked with. Jim at Tropical Blends has an eye for art and graphics and did a good job designing the paint job for my board. He and Kumau always take good care of me as they do all the customers I see go into their shop. Anyway, Evan, best of luck on this weekends race at Maliko. Most of all, have fun. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?

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